Currently supports US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar. Players in other regions, stay tuned!

Jun 12, 2024
Genshin Impact · Cloud US & Canada Open Beta on iOS, Android, and PC Now Available!
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Product Description

Genshin Impact · Cloud

Genshin Impact · Cloud is a cloud version of HoYoverse's Genshin Impact. Real-time cloud technology allows you to enjoy high quality graphics and high frame rates without having to download Genshin Impact's full game package.

HQ Graphics
Enjoy higher quality graphics, higher frame rates, and a better overall gaming experience on mobile devices.
Mostly stored on the cloud, the game requires a smaller resource package, saving much-needed space on your phone.
Doesn't require you to download extra update resources, meaning you can start gaming wherever and whenever you wish.
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Q: How can I download and install the Genshin Impact · Cloud app?
A: Travelers on mobile devices may visit the Google Play Store or App Store to download it. Travelers using a PC can click the link below to head to the official website to download the game.★ The launch is available in Singapore and Malaysia. Please ensure your Google or Apple Account belongs to the above regions.
Q: How different is the experience of playing Genshin Impact · Cloud from the standard Genshin Impact?
A: After installing Genshin Impact · Cloud, Travelers will not need to download Genshin Impact's full game package to experience the game. Your game progress in Genshin Impact · Cloud is shared across other platforms.
Q: Is the game progress in Genshin Impact · Cloud the same as that of Genshin Impact?
A: The game progress of Genshin Impact that Travelers experience through Genshin Impact · Cloud is shared across all platforms. Travelers can select Genshin Impact servers in the login interface. Genshin Impact game progress in Genshin Impact · Cloud will be saved normally.
Q: Why does the game feel laggy in Genshin Impact · Cloud?
A: Genshin Impact · Cloud gaming experiences are quite taxing on Travelers' networks. Travelers are advised to experience Genshin Impact · Cloud when the network is in a good condition, or try to manually switch the graphics quality to HD or standard definition via the floating ball in-game.★ Genshin Impact · Cloud utilizes a vast amount of data. Travelers are advised to experience Genshin Impact · Cloud using Wi-Fi throughout their playtime.
Q: How do I switch between accounts?
A: After you exit the game through the "Exit Game" button in the floating ball on the top-left corner of the screen, you may click the "Log Out" button on the top-right corner in the screen to switch between accounts.
Q: After leaving Genshin Impact · Cloud to run in the background, will the game be interrupted when I switch back to it?
A: After being switched to the background for a relatively short period of time, Genshin Impact · Cloud may be automatically closed by the mobile system. You are therefore recommended to switch back to the game as soon as possible.
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